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When You Need A Little Help To Get Going

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I’ve never been one of those guys that watched porn on a regular basis. I’ve always been in long term serious relationships and never felt the need. On the few occasions that I did check it out, it didn’t really do anything for me.

Well, I’ve been having a dry streak lately. I haven’t had sex in longer than I care to admit and I’m ready to give porn another shot. I was talking to a buddy of mine at work and I casually brought it up to him. I told him how I had watched a few times and it didn’t really do anything for me. That’s when he told me about He said cams are way better than regular porn. That it’s a lot more personal and I might like it better too.

That night I went home and decided to give it a go. At first I couldn’t believe all the options. I didn’t know where to start so I just clicked on one. Right away my pecker let me know that was what he wanted and we were off.

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