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This Cam Site Rocks!

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Free shows, actual genuinely free shows. None of the fancy footwork and bullshit about free tokens if you this that and the other and jump through hoops and what else. That is the first thing that impressed me about Don’t take my word for it though, certainly not, check it out.

Also, were these chat sites not crap just a few years ago? Or are they still and it’s just this one? I don’t know honestly, but I do know that this one is pretty damn great. More than 7k performers to choose from on a Monday evening is damn impressive. I’m definitely going to check it out again this weekend then. I bet the figures are off the charts on a Saturday night then.

There are so many categories to choose from as well and it is so well organised. Each channel or performer if it’s not couples (yeah they even have that) has a profile except for the newest performers who have not had a chance. Complete with pics even.

It’s just impressive all round. I saw a girl perform tonight with almost 30k viewers. You can just imagine how good the show was for that to happen.

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