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These Cam Girls Got Me Whipped

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I’ve always loved a woman who can take control. Those types of babes have always drove me crazy. There’s something about seeing these chicks go after what they want and do it with such flair that it really puts you in your place, it’s no wonder I made the progression from confident women straight into domination cams.

Now I’m finding chicks that make you their bitch boy. They will have you begging to cum, and you better not spill a drop until they say so! Being that these findom cam shows happen in real time, you can often even get them to go private for a one-on-one session. Those happen to be my favorites, especially when they want me to edge. They can see the head of my cock turning purple as I strain to not cum. I get so close to the edge that they could literally just blow on it and I would dump a gallon of splooge all over the place, and the way the delight in torturing me makes it all the sexier!

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