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Sweet 19yo Kia Doll

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This lanky 19 year old blonde beauty with the body of a model and the attitude of an alternative rocker is quite the treat at Cambb.

She’s obviously aged a year since she created her KiaDoll18 profile on CamBB which just impresses me even more. She comes across as very confident and you’ll notice that very soon into her live stream. To do something at this age, or even at the age of 18 when she started takes a hell of a lot of desperation or a hell of a lot of guts and I don’t get the feeling that she is desperate at all. I think she is extremely comfortable doing this and even that she enjoys it.

I don’t know that she is an exhibitionist exactly or at least she doesn’t typically behave that way. Exhibitionists more often than not visually crave the attention and even approval while Kia is just constantly chill and in control. Perhaps she just reflects it very well inward.

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