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Sexy Couples That Crave An Audience

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I dated a girl in college that was a total exhibitionist. The fear of getting caught by others while in the act of sex, turned her on more than anything else. She wanted to get it on at parks, in the woods, parking lots, alleys, wherever the urge struck her. There were a couple of times that others crashed at our place after a wild night out and she would always leave the door open so they could watch if they wanted, but they would be able to hear our lovemaking regardless. The effect it had on her turned me on and I quickly became an exhibitionist as well.

That’s probably why I’m so drawn to webcams. I visit multiple times every week just to see the xxx nasty couples. My favorite is without a doubt aly_alyce. I always use the Cam 2 Cam feature so they can see how much I’m enjoying the show. Being watched turns me on as well and makes the experience much more intense.

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