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How Much Cum Can She Take?

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I have heard a lot of ridiculous celebrity rumors over the years. I have no idea how these things get started and gain so much traction, but they do. The Richard Gere gerbil story is one that I think everyone from my generation knows. Another one that I used to hear a lot was that Britney Spears was such a slut that she gangbanged an enormous group of guys and ended up having to be rushed to the hospital to have her stomach pumped because there was so much cum inside her. Both of those stories are total fabricated lies of course. I am pretty sure I have heard the Britney one for other female celebrities too. Snopes even has pages on it.

Would jizz even do that though? Wouldn’t most of it just spill back out while switching off to the next guy? I suppose the girls inside of Gangbang Creampie would know the answer.

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