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Finally, A Race I Could Finish

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Let’s face it, college kids do dumb shit. It’s the first time for most of these kids being on their own without parental supervision and they take full advantage of the opportunity. I’ll never forget the first college party I ever went to. There were hundreds of people there and it was crazy. There were people playing cornhole and beer pong. A volleyball net was set up and there was even a slip and slide. The girls were absolutely gorgeous and mot were only half dressed. Everyone had raging hormones and the excitement was intense.

When I went in the house there were a group of people gathered in the living room. They were having a cock sucking contest. Two guys would get sucked off and see who gave the best blowjob. I don’t even think there was a prize. It was the most insane thing I had ever seen. Since I started watching porn I found live Cock Sucking Challenge cam discount and it’s exactly like it was back in college.

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